Brands, Designs and Models, Patents

We usher you through the industrial property title filing process (brands, designs and models, and patents). We perform the advance research necessary to ensure the availability of the sign you’ve chosen, the innovation of the model, and the patent eligibility of an invention, then we can handle any related filing, on the national level, European Community level, or international level.

In terms of your brand, we can also ensure surveillance of your brand portfolio across relevant territories.

We can also support your negotiations and assist with drafting contracts, such as:

  • transfer of industrial property title licenses,
  • co-ownership, consortium agreements.

In these areas, we can provide assistance to you in France as well as internationally through our network.

In terms of patents, we work in collaboration with industrial property advisors in order to devise a pre-audit regarding the possibilities of patenting an invention, and then, we can provide assistance in filing in France, Europe, and internationally.

We can assume the task of oversight so that you receive royalty and licensing payments. We can represent you in courts of arbitration and defend your case in court. Whenever possible, we seek amicable outcomes to disputes.

We can represent you in legal actions related to:

  • infringement with respect to brands, designs and models, and patents,
  • claim or industrial property title invalidity,
  • trademark opposition before the National Industrial Property Institute or the INPI or the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market.

With our international network, we can also provide support in case of judicial or extra-judicial litigation pertaining to foreign titles.

We work in this field on behalf of companies of widely varying sizes (from single member companies, start-ups, innovative spin-offs, and major accounts with an international presence) and across a broad range of activities (food services, fashion, industry, computer technologies, and biotechnology industries).