Internet, Telecommunications, Technology Law

Our work and our publications in the field of technologies and law started back in 1997. We are one of the first firms in France to have acquired, since that date, a current Internet practice. Our knowledge of the field allows us to better engage with our clients.

Our understanding of these technologies helps us to design the best protection policies for our clients. We support our clients either through providing legal counsel or representing them in any disputes that may involve, in a general sense, the Internet. Therefore, as an example, we can offer validation of the legal framework of the Internet site you wish to set up.

We can support you in the contractual framework and draft your general conditions of sale on line or your general conditions of use, whether it’s for a website, a market plan, or a social network. Our international contacts will let you validate these documents in other countries, as the case may be.

On the front end, we can negotiate the contracts you may need to draft with the developers of your website, graphic designers, etc.

We can help during implementation of electronic payment tools and escrow accounts.

Out of care for our clients’ needs and with an understanding of how precarious finances can be when starting a business, we offer a set price package for each and every business start-up. Our firm is also skilled in the areas of drafting and negotiating computing contracts, like TMA, ERP, facilities management, cloud computing, dedicated hosting, referencing, etc.

We are particularly attentive to new work approaches, like AGILE.

We also regularly work alongside clients as legal experts in the field of computing and contractual audits at closing or in cases of technology transfer operations.

What’s more, the firm can help you in case of litigation related to domain names, including in arbitration procedures, whether in France or abroad, or during procedures to register your titles in a clearinghouse (TMCH).

We accompany our clients, telecommunications operators, in the context of their activity and their relations with authorities like the ARCEP, as well as during the preparation of their contracts and also during litigation.

Blandine Poidevin is co-author of the work “Mastering Computing Risks”, a computing management collection published by WEKA in 2006, and updated every year.

Lawyer Specializing in Internet Law

Management of a simple personal blog or an online sales site is associated with a very strict legal framework. Copying and pasting text originating from another site or from another work can create problems for the director of the publication, with title and responsibility assigned to the person who puts the articles on line. Regardless of the number of visitors to the site, the legislation governing the Internet will be the same for everyone, so it’s important to have a solid knowledge of applicable legal provisions. Such provisions are numerous, and they are far from being crystal clear across the board, and so a lawyer specializing in Internet law will bring the clarity necessary to properly understanding and applying them.

For an online sales site, the general conditions of sale form a contract between you and the client. Therefore, how they are written takes on critical importance, requiring careful line by line analysis. Depending on the targeted activity, the lawyer specializing in Internet law will write the most appropriate general conditions of sale so that they fully comply with the obligations set forth in the law.

Whether for a website or a blog, the protection of personal data of your visitors has for several years been at the center of numerous legal disputes. As a result, it is essential to know the conditions under which this potentially sensitive data can be kept while steering clear of any possible litigation. The reading of legal texts needs to be done in light of jurisprudence, which is the source of interpretations that can sometimes take you far from the letter of the law. An Internet law specialist can interpret these various origins in order to synthesize them and extract a version that is more comprehensible by the client.

While prevention and counsel are among the primary functions of a lawyer, a second key function is the defense of the client’s interests. In the complicated environment that is the Internet, your rights and entitlements can be difficult to prove. Lawyers who specialize in Internet law are experts in this area, and so the effective, professional assistance they provide will help you best defend your interests with perfect mastery of the subject.