Online gaming

The firm is on a list of certifying organizations established by the Online Gaming Regulation Authority (ARJEL, in French), under the number 2011-15 by decision of the ARJEL, dated November 28, 2011 link.

Therefore, we can perform the evaluations defined by the law dated May 12, 2010, related to competition and regulation to the sector of wagering and games of chance online.

We also support online gaming and wagering operators in their daily activities.

Deeply established in the realm of direct marketing, we are regularly involved in support to the creators of free gaming sites.

Laws in the area of wagering and games of chance

The law dated May 12, 2010, related to competition and the regulation of the online gaming and wagering sector was created to regulate the online gaming sector.

While this text opens the sector to competition, it also heavily regulates the creation of this type of websites.

In fact, the protection goals sought by the law imply that any creator of online gaming sites abides by a strict specifications charter that is both technical and legal in nature.

These requirements need to be complied with from the moment of creation as well as throughout the daily activities of the website.

This is why legal assistance and support is so important throughout the life of the website. If fact, each gaming or wagering site online must secure the approval of the Authority for Regulation of Online Games (ARJEL, in French).

Otherwise, operators may incur sanctions, such a blocking connections and financial transactions, and even fines.

Because this approval is subject to renewal, our lawyers offer tracking throughout the development of the activity.

As a certifying body, the Association that Oversees Online Gaming Regulations has recognized the Jurisexpert company; in other words, ARJEL has recognized the legal competency of Jurisexpert for conducting evaluations bearing on the legal and financial parts of the certification of online gaming sites.

Thus, the lawyer will provide to the operator his or her legal competencies in order to allow it to launch its projects in compliance with French and European legal requirements.

In this highly regulated sector, the lawyer will ensure that the project complies with rules in terms of the protection of minors and prevention against gaming addiction.

The financial aspects of online gaming sites are also regulated. Armed with specialized legal knowledge, the lawyer will track the client’s project in all its details, from connection to any payment by the site.

This support will also apply to the creators of free games sites.