The firm counsels and represents clients in disputes in the area of artistic and literary property protections. Copyright applies to all the creative activities (painting, writing, design, fashion, software creation, photography, animation, audiovisual, 3D, music, etc.), and it is at the heart of all of our activities.

We can help you protect your rights and ensure they are respected by others.

We can also provide support in the framework of negotiations and drafting contracts that pertain to copyright, such as copyright permission contracts that apply to a photographic work, a literary work, a software program, a website (including graphic charter, computing developments, source codes), etc.

The firm is also involved in negotiations and writing contracts related to publishing.

We can also assist or represent you in court in case of litigation to protect your literary or artistic copyright in the framework of legal procedures:

  • in infringement of copyright,
  • related to databases or software, concerning, for example, holding of rights,
  • in contested ownership of copyright to a work.
Mainly our clients are software editors, creators of original technological solutions, artists, photographers, and people working in the fields of fashion, and graphic novels.

We are also involved in IP audits at the time of closings or technology transfers.