Press, Media, and Audiovisual

The firm assists you in terms of law related to the press, the media, and audiovisual law.

In terms of the press, we help clients with issues related to the law of the press, both online and off line, as well as in litigation related to privacy issues.

So we can support you in the framework of legal suits pertaining to defamation or injury and take up any legal, civil, or criminal action that becomes necessary.

In cases that have not gone to court, we can also provide assistance in drafting a right of response.

In a general sense, any attack on your reputation, whether online or off line, may be the subject of counsel or a legal action on our part.

In terms of media and audiovisual law, our firm has the competency to support you in both an advisory capacity as well as in litigation.

In fact, we can provide support in drafting and negotiating contracts, such as audiovisual publishing, film publishing, or television publishing contracts, for example.

In addition, we can also provide our support in the event of any online dispute you might experience in the use of social media.

What’s more, in the event that illicit statements are made against you anonymously on this type of website, we can also undertake the procedures needed to identify the authors of such statements and plan possible lawsuits against them.