Personal Data

label-cnilData privacy law is at the heart of the activity of our firm. The firm is authorized by the CNIL and as such has earned the CNIL label to perform “Computing and Personal Data Privacy” audits.

This label is the recognition by the CNIL that the audit procedure offered by our firm complies with the provisions of the Personal Data Privacy in Computing Law.

This audit is conducted in collaboration with an audit firm in order to respond to all of the CNIL’s technical requirements. As such, you can be assured that the procedures put in place will conform with the Personal Data Privacy in Computing Law.

In addition, since 2008, our firm has provided Personal Data Privacy and Computing Correspondent (CIL, in French) services for clients. As part of this service, we can provide you with all the counsel and analytical assistance you need to ensure that you are in full compliance with the personal data law in all areas of your operations, whether it’s an online gaming project, launch of a website, or your efforts in social media networks.

We can also provide support in case of evaluations (or at the front end, for prevention) in the event of disputes that bring you up against the CNIL, or if there are any security incidents, to ensure that you are in compliance with your notification obligations.

In the field of personal data protection, we can also draft and track any advance formalities (such as declarations, requests for authorization, etc.) you need to conduct with the CNIL. We can support your implementation of the specific tools you need to ensure the protection of any data you might be transferring outside the European Union (drafting of BCR – internal limitations, standard contractual clauses, etc.).

Our firm can also assist you in drafting and validating computing charters, security charters, computing and personal data privacy charters, in the mandatory notices that need to appear in your website (CGU, CLUF), or if, for example, your site uses cookies.

We work with clients, often companies with a presence in several different countries, who prioritize their personal data privacy policies.